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Hello, and welcome to my SCA scribal history page. I have been in the SCA (or Society for Creative Anachronism) since August of 1991. Since that time I have tried a lot of different activities in the SCA. Ranging from Fencing, Heavy Weapons (armored combat), archery, baking, and music. They have all been fun, however I was always interested in the A&S (or Arts and Sciences) aspect. 

I have been drawing since I could pick up a crayon. From cartoon and comics to buildings. My parents even made sure I took a few extra drawing courses here and there over the years. I took drafting classes in high school and even tried my hand at Architectural Engineering until I became "Monetarily Disinclined" to go to classes. However , in the years I have been in the SCA I never thought about scribal until a friend talked me into doing miniature painting.

One day while painting one, I looked up at a scroll that was given to me and thought, "I wonder...". So I grabbed a piece of paper and played a little. Now I am hooked and want to learn all I can. 

I started actually doing scrolls in 2011. and have only done a few so far. But love it. I just wish I had started years ago. I have gone from using a stock image and doing basic calligraphy to currently learning to do gold gilding and making books. I will only post those works that have been given out. Any current works or works waiting for delivery will be held until the owners have them in hand.

This site is a way for me to show my work to the public as well as my friends and the peers of the SCA. This way they can see my progress and maybe give feedback. Keep in mind that the image gallery is in order from my first to my latest.  I hope you enjoy.

Yours In Service

Lord Alwin of Nottinghill Coill


Matthew Power

I also have decided to add book binding to my skill set. As a student in the scribal arts, there are multiple techniques that were used in the middle ages. From calligraphy and illumination to putting it all in a hand bound book to keep it all in order. Binding books for me is the next logical step.

My first attempt was a small book of 4 pages. This was actually a scroll that I was inspired to make using materials given to me in a challenge. 

My second book was more like a standard book. It has about 48 pages, hand sewn together with a hard casing and soft leather cover made from glove leather. Glued together using a craft glue. I want to do more of these and possibly sell them as journals for folk to write down notes for courts, ideas, and other items as they are needed.

Over the years some of the landed Royals and Baronages of the SCA have felt they wanted to give me guidance and recognition for the services I have freely given without looking to be noticed. Per my mentor, It was suggested I mention them. So, if others wanted to know where I stand in the "Order of Precedence".

Award of Arms                                                                        12/12/1992
Coill's Guiding Beacon                                                            12/15/1996
Award of the Undine                                                               09/13/2008
Order of the Gordian Knot                                                      10/17/2014
Companion of the King's Missiliers                                         12/13/2014
Baroness' Award of Courtesy                                                 12/13/2014
Order of the Coill's Champion                                                 02/21/2015
Grant of Arms                                                                         02/27/2016
Companion of the Order of the Queens Award of Courtesy   02/27/2016 
Order of the Coill's Bells (Honorary/Working with children)    09/24/2016
Gold Knot                                                                               12/10/2016
Coral Branch                                                                          03/04/2017

I have also held to separate offices at the local Canton level. The "Heavy Marshall" and the "Archery Marshall" positions. Also I was Captain of the Baronial Guard of Nottinghill Coill for some time. And a Queen's Guard for the first reign of Count Sinclair Hawkins and Countess Kari Kyst.
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